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“Real” Zip-Line kits

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Adventure Developments have created the "Fox in a Box" for clients who want to build a ‘real’ Flying Fox - Zip-Line at home.

The "Fox in a Box" is simple to install, assembled from high quality components, and made to last.

The team at Adventure Developments have been designing and installing Zip Lines and adventure courses for the better part of 2 decades, in this time we have tried lots of different techniques and materials, Our ‘Fox in a Box’ kit is a collection of what works well, is simple, lasts.

✓ Designed to wear in, not to wear out!
✓ We use the same high quality wire and pulleys that we use for our commercial grade zip-lines
✓ We use 10mm galvanised wire rope this has a minimum breaking strain of nearly 7 tons
✓ Our quality control systems are robust and safety is always paramount, we test the systems we design on our destructive testing facility.
✓ Our boxes are brown, but the contents are galvanised!. All of the quality is found inside the box not in glossy expensive packaging.

The Fox in a box is intended as a low level zip-line kit.

The “Fox In A Box” Zip-Line kit is not for use with harnesses.
If you want a zip line with harnesses, you should have it designed and installed by an expert. Owners and operators of these types of zip line have additional obligations in terms of inspection, engineering, safety and emergency plans, rescue procedures, etc.

Home Use
If you are seeking a flying fox kit, for use at home, the fox in the box is probably the best on the market, We have built 100s of zip lines over the past 20 years, we know what works , is simple to install, and what lasts.

Public / Education Use
If you wish to install the “Fox In A Box”  kit in a public place, a school or campsite for example, Industry Standards prescribe best practice regarding heights, speeds, and soft-fall.

Choosing your "Fox in a Box" is quite simple, and we're here to help.

Step 1

Plan your FOX IN A BOX installation

The Fox in A Box Kit is very versatile, the kit can be installed in three different ways, the difference is mainly in where you stop and how you get off.

    The 3 types:

  • Play: “Zip – Stop – Roll back to middle” 
    90% of the kits we sell, use a pommel “disc” seat, these are great, even for kids as young as 3, as the pommel seat is easy to hang onto. the user hops onto the seat, then zooms off down the wire, they bump the stopper at the finish, then roll back to the middle to get off.
  • Tour: “Zip – Stop at End” 
    Sometimes someone will want to use a zipline as an exit from a treehouse, or to transport across river. 
  • Splashdown: ” Zip- Drop into water” 
    And occasionally we are asked if it is possible to  “drop off and land in water”. 

To help you to choose which type is right for you, and to plan your perfect Fox in a Box we have prepared an in depth design guide in 3 parts.

Step 2

Customise your FOX IN A BOX Kit

You can check out our PRODUCT GUIDE information to help you choose all the right components for your project, it addresses the following:

  • What exactly is in the kit?.
  • How is the kit assembled?.
  • Do you need a bungee brake?.
  • Do you need a winch kit?.
  • What are “Tree Huggers”?.

Got questions?. You can fill out the product selector form, it will suggest all the items you might need, and give you a cost estimate.
if you choose to submit the form one of our team will take a look at it, we can give you a call to make sure you have everything you need and work through any finer points.

Got more questions?, have a look at our answers to the questions that we get asked most commonly.


"Fox in a Box" Zip-Line Kit.

Core Kit

10mm galvanised wire rope
120kg user rating
Simple to install
Available in 30M 45M 60M 75M 90M 120M Lengths

Everything you need to make a real Zip line / Flying fox at home.


The Instruction Manual: Clear, Simple to follow instructions.
1 Zip line wire (You will need to choose your length)
1 Anchor wire @ 4.5 meters long
1 Zip-line Pulley
1 Plywood Pommel Seat or Handlebars
1 Safety Carabiner
2 Shackles
6 Wire grips
1 ‘Stop Snake’
The ‘Simplified Winch’ system to tension the wire. (Suitable for zip lines up-to 45 meters long)

FROM $595.00