Nets and Ladders

High quality nets, ladders and bridges to your specification.

Combination Rope

We have been using combination rope on our ropes courses for some years now, with great success, our clients whom have paid the extra for this combination rope are now seeing a return on their investment, as after 6-7 years in the sun, some of the combination rope still looks new!.
We import our playground grade rope from Europe by the pallet load, along with fittings and ferrules, It is important to choose the right type because some types of combination rope are totally unsuited for use on playgrounds, they deteriorate in the sun and from use too quickly.
The stainless steel strands in the combination rope, make for a stronger, less stretchy product, this is perfect for long spans found on ropes courses, additionally, combination rope is much harder wearing than soft ropes, suitable for playgrounds with high usage, and commercial ropes courses with high visitor numbers.

Adventure Developments is one of just a couple of providers who custom make ‘play nets’ and spatial structures’ from combination ropes in Australia. We make nets for a wide range of clients including;

Playground Designers
Playground Builders
Cubby Builders
Local Councils

Our specialist tooling combined with our destructive testing facilities mean we can create almost any net, web or ‘spatial structure’, and guarantee the strength of the nets. This guarantee is vital for designers that require the nets to support multiple users high off the ground, essentially making them floors and fall arrest structures.

We are very good at delivering high quality 2D nets, ladders, bridges, and webs to reasonably short timeframes and high quality. We can also make 3D nets, and spatial systems.

Types of terminations, and fittings we use and the colours of combination rope available.

Soft Ropes.

We have selected a range of soft ropes which are suitable for exposure to Australian UV.
We commonly use Silver rope, Nylon ropes, natural manilla ropes (only used indoors) 3 strand and square braid ropes.

We make a range of rope products:
Cargo nets
Scramble nets
Climbing Nets
Climbing Ropes

These are in use on ropes courses, Assault courses, Adventure races, Playgrounds, Climbing centres and even as fauna crossings.
If required we can make cargo nets to B.S.6756:1986

A selection of our products: