Cost Vs Quality

Why choose Adventure Developments

Adventure Developments is a market leader in delivery of high ropes courses, and adventure facilities, we buy alot of equipment, this means we can benefit from the most competitive prices from our suppliers.
Price is always a priority, and we recognise that our initial costs are sometimes higher than our competitors.
Here are some ways we are spending more to make significantly higher quality product than our competitors.

Superior Design Quality

Adventure Developments invest heavily in design and engineering to make our products as maintenance free as possible. This saves you in the medium and long term. Our aim is minimising your down time, and maximising the lifespan of your apparatus.
Our design and engineering process means that our structures pass through planning stages, and guarantee that your investment retains an inherent value if you ever sell to a third party.

High Quality Materials

Adventure Developments require rigorous quality control systems from all of our suppliers, we archive certificates of conformity for all components used in the creation of your course.
We import a wide range of materials not commonly available domestically, ranging from playground grade components, safety systems and specialised harnesses designed for ropes course users.

Investment in Equipment

Adventure Developments can perform destructive tests on a 25 ton test bed, in our own facility. This means we can provide testing facilities for clients, and superior quality control throughout our systems.
We have a 100 ton hydraulic ferrule press which can terminate wire rope safely, neatly and to consistent quality standards, this means we don’t need to use other methods to terminate our ropes which rely heavily on installer ability, and can come loose.
We own tools to test the integrity of trees and timber poles, and load testing apparatus for use in the field, this means that Adventure Developments inspectors have more hard evidence and rely less on assumptions and exclusions.

Investment In People

Adventure Developments pays competitive wages to Australian employees and contractors, we invest in their training and development, they reward us by staying with us longer and by providing our clients with the highest quality of workmanship.

None of our products can be mass produced, as we are usually working with wood, they require the craft mans skill to build them well.