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“Climbing is what many people think of first when they think of adventure sport. It is also a firmly established favourite in many outdoor camps and outdoor centres.
Climbing combines the unique excitement of mastering a physical challenge, with the mental stimulation of problem-solving, discipline, and motivation.”


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Rock climbing outdoors is an amazing experience

It requires planning, fine weather, comprehensive safety instruction, practice, and alot of shiny equipment.

Climbing on artificial structures can offer a safe and accessible introduction to the sport, and can be a fun activity for an afternoon; a fitness or strength workout; a lesson in one of the many technical aspects of climbing; or an activity used to highlight another skill or virtue, such as the trust required in belaying.

Artificial walls come in a dazzling array of styles, sizes and finishes to suit their many uses. The cost is largely dependent on size usually measured in m2, the materials and complexity of the wall, and the hold coverage.

Design your wall and get a quote

Here are some of the types of climbing structures Adventure Developments currently offer:

The Details



  • Auto Belays
  • Lead Bolts
  • Route setting


  • Compliance to AS 2316.1 for artificial climbing structures
  • Access and work positions for instructors complies to AS 1891
  • Adventure Developments offers a 10 year warranty on the design and workmanship
  • Final inspection and proof loading.
  • Maintenance manual.
  • Handover training at your site.
  • Inspection after 1st year of operation is included.


  • Space required: Varies by design
  • Height of participants feet: 3.5-20 + Meters
  • Lead Time: 4-16 weeks
  • Build Time: Varies by design, approx. 2 days per element
  • Price Range: From $50,000
  • Through put: Varies upto 500 per day.
  • Number of operators required: Varies by design


  • Harnesses and participants equipment.
  • Rescue Packs.
  • Soft fall / ground cover.
  • Removable staples to limit access.
  • Soft fall / ground cover.
  • Briefing shelters.

Adventure Developments has teamed up with Uncarved Block to provide climbing walls.

Uncarved Block produce a huge range of holds and have their finger firmly on the pulse of the climbing scene. Their specialist skills are in route setting, problem designing. and their capacity to produce custom holds, combined with Adventure Developments skills in design, engineering and as a building company specialising in adventure structures, guarantee an exceptional end product and supply capacity.

You can explore their range by clicking on the banner below

A selection of our products:


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