Adventure Developments “Giant Swing And Canyon Swing”

The Adventure Developments giant swing is a real pinnacle experience for anyone who has tried it


The Adventure Developments "3 Person Giant Swing".

Up to 3 participants are attached securely into a spreader bar, then they are hoisted back. Then participants can “pull the pin” at any time which releases the quick release and sets them swinging.
This is a great team activity, as all members are needed to hoist the participants into position.

The Adventure Developments "Canyon Swing".

One participant climbs to gain access to a platform. Here an instructor attaches them to the swing. A small sideways jump is all that is needed now to begin an exhilarating swing.

Can’t decide? Have both.
Then we can rig your swing with a movable platform which allows you to offer the team swing or the canyon swing.

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  • 10 Year warranty on our workmanship.
  • Final inspection and proof loading.
  • Maintenance manual.
  • Handover training at your site.
  • Inspection after 1st year of operation is included.
  • Innovative and durable elements.
  • Includes all necessary Warning Signs
  • Vertical Life Lines for instructor access to the end poles
  • Compliance to EN 15567 for ropes courses
  • Compliance to ACCT guidelines
  • Access for instructors complies to AS 1891


  • Space required: 8 x 25 meters
  • Height: 12 – 24 meters
  • Lead Time: 4-16 weeks
  • Build Time: 3-8 days
  • Through put: 15 – 30 per hour
  • Number of operators required: 1


  • Harnesses and participants equipment.
  • Rescue Packs.
  • Soft fall / ground cover.
  • Team Belay Posts.
  • Removable staples to limit access.
  • Briefing shelters.
  • Hydraulic dismount stage.
  • Electric winch.

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