Powerfan Free Fall Descender

“The highly engineered POWERFAN® is the result of years of innovation and continuous improvement. It allows participants a breath-taking free-fall drop and then slows the descent rate to allow an amazingly gentle landing”


POWERFAN® can be used from almost anything high!

Notably: Existing adventure structures like Ropes Courses and Climbing Towers, Trees, Buildings, Stand-alone Poles, Cliffs, Caves, Bridges, Cable Cars and Cranes.

Participants generally step from an elevated platform of some description in order to begin their descent. However, the POWERFAN® can also be used to keep the participant safe whilst they are climbing the structure in the first place. This is particularly the case when used on poles or trees.
Each POWERFAN® incorporates an integral rewind mechanism to ensure a fast and efficient recall and the machine is so efficient that a through-put of one person every minute is perfectly feasible. There is also a counter to regulate servicing and maintenance schedules. Furthermore installation, inspection and maintenance can be carried out by any competent person, in-house or otherwise.

The POWERFAN unit has been designed to perform consistently under extremely high levels of usage. Thorough testing has shown that it can provide 17000 drops between services, and can be expected to have a life in excess of a million drops.

The POWERFAN® has been designed to conform to the relevant parts of BS: EN: 341 for rescue devices and prEN: 15567 for Ropes Courses. The device is also being examined by the TÜV for independent approval and POWERFAN® is working towards ISO 9000 certification.

There are currently three models of POWERFAN® available. The PF13 for descents up to 13 metres, the PF20 for descents up to 20 metres and the PF30 for descents up to 30 metres. Both the PF20 and PF30 models are only available as part of a licence agreement.

Adventure Developments can supply and fit a POWERFAN® to your existing ropes course or structure.
We can provide training for POWERFAN® operators, and full risk assessments and operating procedures.

We can also supply all spare parts and conduct any necessary servicing or overhauls.

The Powerfan can be attached in many ways:

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The Details.



  • 13 Meter
  • 20 Meter
  • 30 Meter
  • 100 Meter


  • Compliance to AS 2316.1 for artificial climbing structures
  • Compliance to EN 15567 for ropes courses
  • Compliance to ACCT guidelines
  • Access and work positions for instructors complies to AS 1891
  • All components used in the construction of ropes courses will degrade over time, but Adventure Developments offers a 10 year warranty on the design and workmanship
  • Final inspection and proof loading.
  • Handover training at your site.
  • Inspection after 1st year of operation is included.


  • Space required: 4 meters x 4 meters.
  • Height of jumpers feet : 13/20/30 meters
  • Lead Time: 4-16 weeks
  • Build Time: 2-3 days
  • Through put: 30 per hour
  • Number of operators required: 1


  • Harnesses and participants equipment.
  • Rescue Packs.
  • Soft fall / ground cover.
  • Removable staples to limit access.
  • Soft fall / ground cover.
  • Briefing shelters.
  • Engineering design

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