Monkey Climb

Monkey Climbs are climbing holds attached to a pole or tree, they look awesome, and they are the most cost effective way that we know to build a new climbing activity..

Monkey Climbs can be installed on timber telegraph poles or fitted onto existing trees.

There is no limit to the height that you can climb, but usually we install the holds up to 9 meters above the ground.

All climbers wear a safety harness, and are clipped to a ‘Belay System’, This is often an ‘Automatic Belay Device’ these clever devices will catch the climber if they lose their grip and fall off!, then lower the climber safely to the ground.

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Monkey Climbs are perfect for:
One trained staff member can supervise a climbing grove from the ground. Perhaps a spot by your pool or cafe could add a new ‘adventure’ dimension to the kids holidays.

Adventure Parks.
Monkey Climbs can be a great extra income stream, why not rent your harnesses out for an hour at a time and let your visitors have as many turns as they like climbing all your different routes.
When installed with Auto Belay Units the climbs are very efficient to run.
You might arrange all of the climbs in the same area for simple supervision, or perhaps place the climbs at locations throughout the park for groups to discover themselves. You might like to create a whole climbing park!.

School Camps:
3 or more timber poles placed in the same area form a climbing grove, a whole new activity base, we can grade the climbs from easy to difficult.
Save many thousands of dollars when compared to installing an artificial climbing wall, and get more kids climbing.
Check out our “Team Belay Post” for introducing the skills of belaying.
In an Outdoor Education setting, where instructors are seeking, trust & responsibility outcomes, climbers may be attached to a standard ‘top rope’ belay system, they will be protected by a skilled belayer on the ground. Or perhaps even the whole team in a group haul.

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Adventure Developments is the exclusive distributer of Monkey Hardware in Australia.
Monkey sets are so simple they are almost genius, climbing holds that can easily be fitted to trees or poles for training, teaching or just having fun!

Specially developed holds that can be fitted quickly and easily by tension straps, and they can be configured in lots of different ways to provide a suitable challenge for different users.

The Details.



  • Poles
  • Trees
  • Auto Belay Devices
  • Top Rope Belay Devices
  • Full Installation by A.D. or just get the kits


  • 1 Climb Kit includes 40 Holds and 40 ratchet belts, and an access system for staff 35 Staples, 1 vertical life line with a bolt, 1warning sign
  • Auto Belay Devices are Perfect Descent 40 foot outdoor units
  • Compliance to AS 2316.1 for artificial climbing structures
  • Compliance to EN 15567 for ropes courses
  • Compliance to ACCT guidelines
  • Access and work positions for instructors complies to AS 1891


  • Harnesses and participants equipment.
  • Rescue kit.
  • Soft fall / ground cover.
  • Soft fall crashpads.
  • Team Belay Posts.
  • Removable staples for access.

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