Adventure Developments “Cliff Top Abseil Site”

Permanent abseil sites differ from a temporary site which a recreational climber may use, in that they are a workplace where an instructor may reasonably be expected to work all day.


Designed to suit your site.

A comfortable and safe abseiling site requires the anchors to be above waist level for instructors and participants. This serves to keep the ropes free from the surface of the rock (increasing their lifespan) and vastly increases the feeling of security for participants as they begin their descent.

The final design will depend on the topography of the site and the quality of rock. Typically Adventure Developments uses 3 different designs: Posts, A frames (for edges), and Equalised Bolt Systems (for slabs).
N.B. The type of 100mm stainless anchors sold by climbing shops intended for use on the granites and grit stones of Europe and the USA are often wholly inappropriate for Australian sandstones

As with all Adventure Developments constructions, following installation, the assembly is proof tested in accordance with relevant guidelines and standards.

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Is a Geotech Inspection required?

An initial Walkover Inspection should be sufficient to ensure that the rock is capable of bearing the loads which we wish to subject it to. However, if there is any chance that the edge of the rock is a “floater” and not attached to the bedrock, then an Invasive Test will need to be conducted, which involves drilling.

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