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All ropes courses have their roots in the education field.
From the first courses designed for training navy personnel, they have been found time and time again to offer enormous benefits for participants.


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Facilitated programs often focus on aiming to increase the participants sense of self worth, leadership ability, conflict resolution and problem solving skills, providing a safe environment in which to practice setting goals and taking risks.
Fundamental to this type of course is a “learning by doing” and a “challenge by choice” philosophy. This encourages individuals to participate in the group environment and work to a level of challenge which stretches them but is not threatening.
If you are starting an adventure program for your school, a ropes course may not be the 1st thing you will need but if you are planning to build a educational ropes course for your organisation a good place to start reading would be Adventure Developments Construction Process.

When designing Educational Ropes Courses we consider how to:

  • Maximise group involvement. (e.g. Belay Posts and Group Hauls)
  • Build opportunities for participants to take control of their experience.
  • Create levels of challenge to suit all users.
  • Design the whole Ropes Course area to be conducive to learning. We can also include de brief areas/shelters, and spaces for play.

Question: How much do Ropes Courses cost?
Answer: Ropes Courses are expensive!
As well as the initial cost you should also consider the on-going Maintenance and Inspection costs for the course. Adventure Developments is certainly not the cheapest provider initially, but our courses are designed for the most demanding user groups and require absolutely minimal maintenance. We also ensure that our designs are future proof against changes in building practices.

Often we encourage clients who want a comprehensive ropes course to build in stages, perhaps over a two to three year period. This may help with the budget and can even support a progression and sequencing of activities that are consistent with programming objectives.

Question: Which elements should be included?
Answer: Depends on your desired outcomes, budget, and staff skill level.
Heres a list of our most requested activities. Typically our courses include a few elements from each category.

Some Popular Elements:

The Details



  • Adventure Developments will supply a maintenance manual and construction drawings as required by EN 15567
  • Compliance to EN 15567 for ropes courses
  • Compliance to ACCT guidelines
  • Access and work positions for instructors complies to AS 1891
  • 10 Year warranty on our workmanship.
  • Final inspection and proof loading.
  • Handover training at your site.
  • Inspection after 1st year of operation is included.
  • Innovative and durable elements.


    • Harnesses and participants equipment.
    • Rescue Packs.
    • Removable staples to limit access.
    • Briefing shelters.
      • Ground Cover: is important for Low Ropes Courses and high traffic areas, ground cover is especially important for tree based courses, where high levels of foot traffic will compact the soil, and ultimately kill your trees. Can be a large chunk of your budget for the course.
      • Security Fence: may be needed to keep livestock or other unwanted visitors from accessing the course.
      • Storage Shed: may be needed for participants equipment or to lock up the Crate Stack crates.

    A selection of our products:


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