Adventure Developments “Adventure Trail”

Whether you want an extensive adventure park in trees or on poles, or a series of bridges weaving through the roof structure of a building.

The Adventure Developments “Adventure Trail” can be tailored to do it all.


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The Adventure Trail is "An exciting journey based ropes course, which we can adapt in many ways to suit your objectives".

Participants are safely secured to a continuous or semi continuous belay system throughout their journey from start to finish.
Participants begin at a start station where they are attached to the safety system, they then make their way through the course to the finish. (If the course is not a “closed loop” it will almost always end with an exhilarating zip line or a fan descender descent)

Fully Customisable:

Although we do have a number of designs on file, and more than 50 standard elements to select from, the layout is almost always customised to maximise the space available and features of your site.
Our blending of tension guys and compression braces gives us alot of flexibility with the layout of the course, and there is no limit to the height we can go with steel.

Pros and Cons of the various types of Belay system:

The Details


Support structure
Steel poles
Attached to an existing building / structure
Timber poles

Belay Type
Fully continuous system of wire rope.
Fully continuous system of steel rail
Smart Self belay
*See below for the pros and cons for each type of system*

Layout Options
Journey style, made to best fit the landscape and topography.(Usually end with a zip line or free fall descender).

Closed loops, Equilateral triangles and hexagons. (Usually start and finish at a tower or high platform).



  • Adventure Developments will supply a maintenance manual and construction drawings as required by EN 15567
  • Compliance to EN 15567 for ropes courses
  • Compliance to ACCT guidelines
  • Access and work positions for instructors complies to AS 1891
  • 10 Year warranty on our workmanship.
  • Final inspection and proof loading.
  • Handover training at your site.
  • Inspection after 1st year of operation is included.
  • Innovative and durable elements.


    • Space required: Varies by design
    • Height of participants feet: 3.5-20 + Meters
    • Lead Time: 4-16 weeks
    • Build Time: Varies by design, approx. 2 days per element
    • Through put: Varies upto 500 per day.
    • Number of operators required: Varies by design


    • Harnesses and participants equipment.
    • Rescue Packs.
    • Soft fall / ground cover.
    • Removable staples to limit access.
    • Soft fall / ground cover.
    • Briefing shelters.

    A selection of our products: