Fox in a Box FAQ’s

How much is postage?

The kits are quite bulky, they arrive in a large box and weigh 18-60 Kgs.
when you checkout online and enter your address. shipping will be calculated automatically.

How long should my wire rope be?

The kits are sold in pre cut lengths:
20M and a bit (has 25m main wire)
30M and a bit (has 35m main wire)
40M and a bit (has 45m main wire).. and so on .
We have found that 5 meters of wire is usually just about right to wrap around the start tree. If it is too long you can simply cut the end with a grinder.

If you have very large trees , more than 1m diameter, you will need to allow more wire.

Can adults use the Zip Line?

Yes absolutely. The suggested maximum user weight is 120Kgs.
(this will depend mainly on hoy strong your poles / trees are, and how much sag is in the wire rope)

How long will the kit last outside in the Aussie weather?

The Fox in a Box kit is “designed to wear in not wear out”.
All of the components can be left outside and should serve you very well.
Wherever possible things are galvanised, and all of the rope used is UV stabilised.

How strong is the Wire Rope used in the "CORE" kit?

10mm galvanised wire rope is supplied as standard with the kits less than 90meters long. It is much heavier duty than most of the Zip Line kits available. This wire is produced according to an Australian Standard and must meet a minimum breaking strength of 70kN (about 7 tons)

How high should the start end be?

This is covered to some depth in the design guide. The gradient should be about 4-5% of the span between the trees.
So lets say your Zip-Line is 100 meters long, you would want the wire to be attached to the start tree 4 or 5 meters higher than in the finish tree.

How big should my trees be?

There are a few things to consider;
how well is the tree rooted into the soil?
how healthy / vigorous is the tree?
how long is the zip-line and how much load is it exerting onto the trees? (the longer and tighter the wire the more load is put on the trees)
will the zip-line used with harnesses?
what would be the consequences of the tree falling over?

If you have doubts about your trees a local arborist will be able to assist you.

Im going to use posts, how deep should i embed them into the ground?

Depends how well guyed / braced the pole is, and what type of soil you have.

Generally we embed the pole 1 meter + 10% of it length.
so if you have a 5 meter pole, it would go in 1.5 meters
and a 7 meter pole would go in 1.7 meters

Do I need "TREE HUGGERS" Tree protectors?

Your trees will really love you for getting “TREE HUGGERS”. Some of the mightiest Eucalyptus trees have bark that is very easy to damage.

Do I need a winch kit?

The kit is supplied with a simplified winch system and instructions. the simplified winch system is great for shorter zip-lines, but as the wire get heavier you will need a Heavy Winch Kit.
For Zip Lines less than 20 meters: You probably wont need a winch, but just incase a simplified winch is included.
For Zip Lines up to 40 Meters: The Simplified winch will be enough.
For Zip Lines up to 200 Meters: The Heavy Winch will be perfect.

if you have a winch, then perhaps just buy the wire grab.


Not if your overall gradient is 4-5% of the span of the zip line or less.
Coming to a stop naturally under the power of gravity is always best, but if you have a steep hill, or if you are launching from a cubby to the ground, chances are you will need a “BRAKE KIT”, It absorbs the energy of the Zip Line rider and brings them to a gentle stop.