Our Construction Process

The construction process usually starts with a site visit, its a chance to meet face to face and discuss plans.


The more time you spend researching what you require the better. You need to decide what the objectives for the ropes course are. Also, do you require a Developmental or a Recreational facility?
What will be your estimated annual number of users? Sites can vary enormously, you may be lucky enough to have a stand of tall healthy trees at your site, or you may wish to build a course indoors, across a canyon or on flat open land.

Generally part of the design process for your ropes course will be a site visit. Although much can be done with digital photos and Google Earth©, a visit will give us an opportunity to discuss your plans and meet face to face.

During a site visit we will establish the following:

  • Determine the type of course required, Educational or Developmental. It also helps to know the average size and ability of participants.
  • Suitability of the proposed site and access availability for vehicles. Generally easier access means lower costs.
  • Establishing presence of any underground or overhead services.
  • Establishing the suitability of any trees you may wish to use.
  • Discussing planning permission issues, you may need to lodge a Development Application with council.
  • Discussing safety and legislation issues.
  • The staff who will operate the facility, and their training requirements.

Adventure Developments charges a minimal fee for site visits: $350 AU per day plus travel costs and accommodation. These initial costs will be deducted from the cost of the project when you decide to proceed.


Following the initial site visit, a proposal can be provided. The proposal will usually contain enough information about the ropes course for a Pre-Development Application meeting with council.


On acceptance of the proposal it will be necessary to exchange contracts. Adventure Developments has some standard terms and conditions.  The contract will also include:

Detailed description of works, specifying exactly what is included, and not included.
Special requirements from either party.

Lead times and Pre-fabrication:

Construction lead times vary depending on the style of course, location, and the season. Generally, they are between one month and six months.

Extra site visits may be necessary to plan the works, and to finalise the design. Particularly if your course is on complicated terrain, or inside an existing structure.
Safe Work Method Statements are prepared as part of this process.
Adventure Developments may need to commission structural engineers to calculate loading on the design and compile the technical drawings ready for fabricators and council approval.
Local Council Development Application, Construction Certificate, Inspection, etc. may be required.
Prior to our arrival we may need to clear or level the proposed site for the ropes course; this is something some organisations prefer to arrange for themselves.

Adventure Developments will secure the construction site to prevent unauthorised access during the construction phase, and place warning signs as necessary.
As each building project varies, the exact process will be outlined in the Safe Work Method Statement.
Adventure Developments builders are happy to stay in your accommodation if appropriate, often our clients are in the accommodation business, and can make a saving by accommodating us.

Adventure Developments may have provided a world class ropes course product, but it is you and your staff who will breathe life into the course.

Developmental Programs, in particular, rely heavily on the experience and creativity of facilitators /instructors, who amongst numerous other skills are able to sequence activities appropriately, and create engaging metaphors.

Training is invariably a process of on-going development, with facilitators seeking out and attending various workshops in subjects of interest. The “bedrock skills” for a ropes course facilitator, Knots, Harness fitting, Equipment selection, Belaying, Accessing all areas, Rescues, are covered and honed in the SSOP training.

Instructor training typically involves 4-5 days of training, in a workshop environment. An operations manual can be compiled as part of the SSOP training, and is deliverable soon after.
Basic Handover Training is provided with all new Adventure Developments installations. This involves the lead builder on your project high-lighting the main features of your new course, this usually takes around 1-2 hrs.

Adventure Developments will supply a Maintenance Manual, which outlines inspection and maintenance requirements for your course.

As part of the service, Adventure Developments will return to your site after approx. one month, it will be an opportunity to fix any teething problems, and make sure all of your expectations have been met.

You may also wish for Adventure Developments to provide the helmets, harnesses, karabiners, and other climbing hardware for use on your course, you will receive a special discounted rate from our website shop.