20 Meter Tower

Adventure Developments have just finished building a 20 Meter activity tower for OEG (Outdoor Education Group) in Marysville VIC, reputedley Australias tallest activity tower made from timber.

It was a complicated design brief involving all the timber and poles being sourced and milled in Marysville.

The tower has 4 sides, 2 for abseiling and 2 for climbing. The climbing faces are fitted with curved overhanging walls, and anchors for lead climbing.

Abseilers climb the 9 flights of stairs inside the tower, then emerge at the top deck 17.5 Meters up!

A big thanks to all involved ­čÖé

OEG, Nesco Pheonix, Vic Forests, Ewe Bueat Fabs, Hedger Constructions, Darren M, Louis G, Shane S, Matthew T.



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